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CEO Corner - Come Along ALICE, It's Time To GO

Over the course of my 40 years on this earth, I have fallen down countless rabbit holes. I was not aware of some of them, others were similar to the video clip. After reviewing the video several times, I was able to identify the ALICE within MYSELF.

Here are a few things that I attributed to my own self inflicted rabbit hole mistakes.

1. Not Minding My Own Business - I use to be an individual that wanted to save EVERYONE, and I was a little nosey (I might as well keep it REAL). I would insert myself into matters that did not concern me. Sort of the same thing Alice did when she saw the rabbit, and decided to follow him. Imagine what would have happened if Alice had focused on her own business.... We wouldn't have a story.

2. Inviting Myself Into Another Person's Chaos - I should slap myself for this crazy s***. I don't like chaos in my own life, so why in the whole entire H*** would I involve myself in someone's drama. This is exactly what Alice did when she made the decision to follow the rabbit after he, somewhat, explained his situation to her. My absurd behavior actually originated from my sincere hope of "wanting greatness" for everyone, and being nosey. The danger of being on the Titanic did not become a major factor, until it started to sink. I quickly remembered that, "I can't swim, and drowning was not on my bucket list."

3. Moving In The Wrong Direction & Rationalizing My Behavior - Well.... It's not that Bad, right? Ummmm yeah it is. It is one thing to move in the wrong direction, and not realize it. It is totally a different matter to move toward danger, and then rationalize it as if you are right. No sister girl, not today. I held myself accountable for my actions. This alone, forced me to look at my mistakes, and be transparent with myself. They were stupid, and I knew better. It was time to stop it.

Maybe I am over analytical, but I think everything that we encounter contains a lesson. It is is up to us to determine how we apply these things to our everyday hustle. I decided that the ALICE in me had to be extinguished.

What do you think? Do you have a little Alice in you? If so, are you brave enough to admit it?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Until we converse again 😍

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