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CEO'S Corner: Why Shop Free Expressions815

Over the last several weeks I have wrestled with plans to expand Free Expressions815's brand message. I never want to come off as detached, or sales driven. That's definitely NOT the goal. Being truthfully honest, I still work a demanding 9 to 5 job that keeps me, and my business afloat😲.

My intention is to allow my brand to connect with people in a authentic manner. I want my customers to feel my sincerity and appreciation for them.What I have created in Free Expressions815 is not just a brand; it is designed to be a movement that will encourage people to pursue their dreams.

One may say, how so? 
I am glad that you asked🤗.

When you have on an outfit that you look good in; your confidence level through the roof, right🤔? You feel damn near unstoppable.  Well I want you to imagine taking that feeling, and applying it to accomplishing your goals. Studies show that an individual's personal appearance is an indicator of how they view themselves😁 (self-confidence), and self confidence is a critical component of success.

Free Expressions815 is deeper than you think💭. We are not here just to make you "look good" like most of our competitors. It's much BIGGER than that. We are here to encourage you to embark on your individual success journey.

I believe this quote by the late Nipsy Hussle sums up my overall message. 

“I’m more focused on giving solutions and inspiration more than anything.” – Nipsey Hussle💙🏁


Until we converse again😘


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