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Dear Diva Chronicles: (18:10) I GRIND DIFFERENT

Some of my best stories come from my failures, and you know the liberating part, I am not afraid to share them with you.  As I continue to travel on this journey of my own success, I have come to understand that in order for me to achieve my set goals I had to do the following things.

Cancel Out The Noise, Even YOU

My grandmother use to say, "Talking loud, and drawing a crowd never accomplished anything."  Now let that sink in for a moment.  Most of US ( and yes I included myself in this category) feel the need to share our life moments & emotions on social media.  We do this so often that we often times lose sight of the goal.  So for me, I had to stop talking about what I wanted to do, and JUST DO IT


Desire Check..... 1...2...1....2  

One morning while in the shower I had to ask myself , "How bad do you want to make your business a success?"  Because my actions were not aligned with what my mouth was saying.  Goal Digging requires sacrifice, and if I was not willing to sacrifice some of the things that I was accustomed to having, then this dream of mine would become deferred. 


FAITH - In Myself 

I have always had a problem with believing in myself. Yeah, me.  I am a pro at speaking life into others, but when it came to speaking life into myself, dead silence.  Learning to acknowledge, believe, and apply my GOD given talents to perfect the world around me was (and still is) a struggle.  One thing is for sure, I won't stop trying.


So you see when I decided to Grind Different, my life changed.  How much would your life changed if you decided to Grind Different?

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