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Dear Diva Chronicles (18:4) Your Tribe

đŸŽ€They pray and pray for me, they pray and pray for me
See better things for me
Want better days for me unselfishly
They pray and pray for me, they pray and pray for me
Whenever I'm in need
They in the backseat with the aux bumpin' B
There ain't no pride involved, there ain't no pride involvedđŸŽ¶ - Beyonce (Friends Lyrics)
I was once told that if you look at your 5 closest friends, you could see your future. At the time I was young, dumb, and knew it all. It wasn't until several years ago that I personally witnessed how my tribe influenced my life. If I can just be real for a second, my miscalculation of assigning the word "friend" to certain people in my life literally placed me in an unproductive comma. 
My focus shifted to non value added activities. I spent time with individuals that I will kindly refer to as "Takers". Everytime we would go out, they didn't have it/or couldn't afford it. Eventually I came to my senses and disconnected for this group. I took some time, inventoried my life,  determined what I wanted, and developed a plan. I began working on strengthening my relationship with individuals that have always wanted better for me, even when I didn't have sense to want better for myself.
Choosing to invest time in these amazing people empowered me to move outside of my comfort zone, and accomplish several goals (owning my first home, obtaining a promotion within my career, and starting my business) within a 12 month period.
I want you to really take a look at your friends. In my Beyonce voice, "Do they pray for you, Want better days for you, Cheer for you unselfishly?"  Do they represent who you want to become?If not, you have an important choice to make.
Remember, you are the sum of your 5 closest friends. Time is of the essence.
Be blessed.
Sincerely Yours,
Tiffany Ingram 

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