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Dear Diva Chronicles (18:5) Don't Give UP

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you just wanted to lay down, and sleep the rest of your life away? It seems like no matter which direction you turn, you can't find a way out.

Know that you are not alone.

This moment may seem unbearable, but I guarantee you that once you get over the hurdle set before you, it will be worth it. 

So buckle up Sis. It may be a long ride, but we are here with you. When self doubt threatens to challenge your self confidence, I want you to read this. Then tell yourself, "I got this because I AM THE S***." 

I once was told the best story you can tell often is a story that emerges from your weaknesses. I battle with myself every day, but I know that the worst thing that I can do is give up on my hopes and dreams. 

Let's get to it!!!!


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