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Diva Chronicles 18:6 BEAST MODE

I know you like to drink 'til the sun up Grind 'til you come up

Work all winter, shine all summer
Ride for your brother
You die for your mother
Keep that shit a hunna
I know you wanna
Vacay to a place where you could
Take pictures, post on Insta
Your friends say they miss ya
But they don't really miss ya


Rule number one to be a boss ass b**** (uh-huh)

Never let a clown n**** try to play you (okay)
If he play you, then rule number two (okay)
Is f*** his best friends and make 'em yes men (okay)
(Wow, that's how you feel?)


" -Drake/Nikki Minaj

I woke up in beast mode. Not just an average beast mode, but one with an uncontrollable savagery attached to it. Not to the degree that Nikki expressed in her verse, but it's close. I think it comes from suppressing my voice and feelings for so long. I even took some time away from my blog to sort all this out.

I have always tried to help those around me. If you read some of my previous post from my Grown Woman Hustle Blog, you will see a common theme, " Others First, Me Second". That philosophy is only an issue when other people take advantage of you.

I have said this over and over again. I guess, now that I see the insanity that I continue to subject myself is driving an internal change that is unstoppable.

My altitude is not determined by others, but by the work that I am willing to invest in myself. So it's time to live my life as the lioness that I truly am.

Are you were you want to be in life? What are you willing to sacrifice to get there?

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