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I recently came across an article in Ebony Magazine written by Ms. Shantell Jamison, titled, "When ready, Goal Diggers make the greatest partners."  Shantell clearly defines the term Goal Digger, and how selecting someone that exemplifies the characteristics of a Goal Digger is a wise selection when selecting a potential mate. 

Simply put, Goal Diggers are movers and shakers driven by the desire to accomplish their dreams. They are extremely supportive to those in their life, and put their best foot forward to encourage those around them. Don't every think for a second  that a Goal Digger is in your life to take advantage of you. That's definitely NOT their motive. Goal Diggers are true go-getters that believe in themselves, and your ability to reach your dreams. 

So I have a few questions for you, and be completely honest.

1. Are you a Goal Digger?  If so, Why?

2. How many Goal Diggers do you have in your life?

Based on your answers to the questions above; you may need to reevaluate some things in your life.





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