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About ME

Hello Everyone

My name is Tiffany Ingram, the Founder of Free Expressions

The idea of  Free Expressions emerged from my own personal pain.  The trails and tribulations that I faced during this period seemed unbearable.  I almost convinced myself that my dreams were unreachable, and that I should just be happy with where I was in life... But something would not let me shut the door on my goals.  In my heart, I knew that  I deserved to share my ideas with the world.

It was at that very moment I decided "I was worth it."  I slowly began to reclaim my life. Identifying who I was as a person, and believing that I could accomplish my goals was a MAJOR Milestone. Needing approval from other people,  was a thing of the past. My own self validation became the only criticism that I cared about.

I began looking for clothing to express this new found sense of self.  I sought crafty slogans on shirts that I could wear as a badge of honor.  Then a thought hit me like a ton of bricks, what if I developed a brand that would bring hope to other women out there that were facing/exiting  their own personal storm.  I remembered the pain that I felt, and wanted women to know that it would be OK.  My brand would serve as an avenue for women to find strength, clarity, and confidence.

So you see, my store is more than just another T-Shirt company.  It is a place of motivation/ inspiration for YOU to become the best version of yourself.  


Motivation is the center focus of Free Expressions.  We provide an avenue for YOU to express your thoughts, through your clothing.  

Free Expressions strives to encourage YOU to be YOU.